VW can update and redesign the Beetle all they want, but it will never ever come close to capturing the charm of the original car. Zelectric Motors knows this well and is taking the classic Bug into 2014 with a fully electric model. A reliable, classic Beetle that you will never have to take to a gas station? Sounds like a winner to us. Classic Bugs from the 50s and 60s will be converted into Plug-in EVs with maintenance-free engines that can power the car for up to 110 miles of range and is capable of reaching speeds over 90 miles per hour. ZelectricBugs are currently in production and start at $45,000.

Zelectric Motors

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UVEX Snowstrike VT


UVEX's Snowstrike VT isn't your average ski/snow goggle, it's hiding a pretty incredible trick up its sleeve and could very well be the only goggle you'll ever need. The goggle uses what UVEX calls "Variotronic" that puts LCD technology into the lens which allows you to change the tint of your lens in half of a second. You get the option of a clear, blue, red, or violet lens and you can even enable an automatic mode that senses the light conditions and adjusts the tint accordingly. Battery life is about 30 hours and of course you get all the necessary features including anti-fog, ventilation, and double-foam cushioning.


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HP Sprout


With all the focus on mobile computing it's been awhile since we've seen anything that truly excites us on the desktop side of things. That all changes today with an interesting new device from HP called the Sprout. As you can see, the Sprout ditches the traditional mouse and keyboard configuration for a camera/projector combo that they call the "Illuminator", a touchscreen display, and a "touchmat" that the Illuminator projects a screen onto.

How does it all work? The main display works just as you would expect any touch sensitive surface would, but the real killer app here is how the Illuminator and Touchmat work together. The Illuminator can scan 2D and 3D objects and place them into photos and design apps while the Touchmat acts as your input device and secondary display. The Sprout is powered by a 4th gen Core i7-4790S processor and has 8GBs of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics, 1TB of storage, and a 23" display.

$1,899, HP

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Every Day is Play


Successfully funded through Kickstarter last fast, Game Paused has released its "Every Day is Play" book for general purchase and is a must-have coffee book for anyone who's ever picked up a gamepad:

"A snapshot of video game culture past and present, Every Day is Play is the first self-published book project from Game Paused. Capturing a whole generation's imagination through a series of interviews, features and fan-art, it promises a wealth of creative play--bringing every gamer together in a true celebration of the game.

Covering a varied range of topics from both inside and outside the gaming industry, the book will house over 30 key features and interviews, and over 1000 images from artists around the world."

Game Paused (Via Kotaku)

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2015 Audi R8 Competition


Making its debut at the LA Auto Show, Audi unveils their fastest production vehicle, the 2015 R8 Competition. The car will be powered by their 5.2L V10 that will deliver 570-hp which will help the supercar reach 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph.

The exterior will feature a number of matte carbon fiber components including a fixed rear spoiler, engine bay, mirror housings, front spoiler, and rear diffuser. You also get gloss black wheels with ceramic brakes with red anodized calipers. The R8 Competition will hit showrooms in early 2015 and will be produced in a limited run of 60 units.


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Native Apollo Chukka


Vancouver-based Native follows up the Apollo Moc with another great release, the Apollo Chukka. The company is releasing it in an early limited release called the Hand Dyed Pack that takes the thousand-year-old Japanese techniques of Shibori dying and applies it to Native's modern and minimalist take on the classic chukka. Each shoe is hand dyed with a Shibori Blue upper making each pair unique. The Apollo Chukka will be available at select stores such as Kith NYC, Livestock in Vancouver, WOAW in Hong Kong, and Starcow in Paris.


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FEIT Cashmere Accessories


FEIT takes a short break from its leather goods line and tries its hand on a cashmere scarf and beanie, just in time for the winter. Produced by a family-run atelier outside of Cantue, Italy, the pieces are made from a high quality wool that takes four years to harvest. The fleece is then spun and woven and blended with wool warmth and is then finished a vegetable-tanned leather label.

$240-$320, FEIT

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Filson Restoration Department


Bringing new life to their vintage bags and accessories, Filson launches the Filson Restoration Department. Launching on November 17th, the collection of bags and accessories are created using vintage fabrics that have been roughed up with a beautiful patina from use and are perfectly restored by Filson with reinforced stitching. The bags use various elements from different vintage pieces so no two pieces are alike and new collections will be released in limited quantities every Monday.



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Nigel Cabourn Mainline Japan Pea Coat


Nigel Cabourn just added a few of its Mainline Japan pieces onto its online store and we couldn't help but notice this stunning Pea Coat and if you've ever felt a Cabourn piece firsthand, you know this is probably the Pea Coat to end all Pea Coats.

The jacket is styled after a long vintage Pea Coat and is updated with a thick, British wool, specially made in Japan that's mixed with two colors of Kemp that reduces piling from the the two-ply yarn. Other details include large bellow pockets, painted metal buttons, and a storm flap beneath the collar.

$1,770, Nigel Cabourn

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Can't decide between and aluminum or leather when it comes to your carry-on? Ghurka's Pontooon IV might just convince you that leather is the way to go. The Pontoon IV comes in twill and leather, but one look at the Chestnut leather option (above) will surely have you sold on the latter. Four wheels also makes getting through the airport a breeze and a variety of pockets on the inside and outside will give you plenty of storage and organization for your gear.

$1,995, Ghurka

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